Donating items to our retail shops

Our shops always need good-quality items to keep their shelves full.


people reading and sitting on a stage in a theatreMarch and November 2008 – Performances of 'Motherland' at the Young Vic Theatre, London, and at Parliament


9 December 2009 - Royal Colleges briefing "Significant Harm: the effects of immigration detention on the health of children and families in the UK”


12 December – 27 February 2010 – Melanie Friend’s ‘Border Country’ exhibition

eBay for charity

By selling items on eBay you can now donate a percentage or all of the sale to making a difference in the lives of children and young people.

If you are an eBay user then donating to The Children's Society couldn't be easier! 

The Children's Society has partnered with eBay and you can now donate a proportion or all of the sale amount of any items you sell on eBay towards our pioneering work with children and young people. 

Current situation

Despite our current work, there are still many children facing danger and isolation who need our help. 100,000 under 16s will run away from home this year. One in six of these children will sleep rough and one in twelve will be hurt or harmed.

This is why we are urging you to join in this Christingle celebration this year and help us raise vital funds to help more vulnerable children.

Useful resources

Use these resources to incorporate the work of The Children's Society into your celebration:

Some of our projects

Take a look at this map to see where our different projects are located.

You can download these project cards for more information about just some of our individual projects.

What we do for vulnerable children

We want to make childhood better for all children in our communities. This includes our work with:

Young runaways

Neglect, abuse and isolation can sometimes make home so unbearable that the only solution for a child is to run away. We have ten projects across the country to help young runaways.

What happens if I die without a Will?

If you do not manage to make a Will during your lifetime, your property will be distributed according to the current law of intestacy (the Administration of Estates Act).

If you die intestate, regardless of your wishes, your spouse or registered civil partner will not automatically inherit your entire estate. Some of it may go to other relatives.