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Summer budget: Condemning low-income working families to poverty?

Today, the Government will announce £12bn in cuts from the welfare budget. A cut to child tax credits, a vital form of support that helps families in the transition to work and lifts them out of poverty, is among the possible cuts.

Helping London’s children and teenagers at their most vulnerable

This month we are launching our new way of working in London, setting out our new hub of services to tackle the exceptional and growing risks facing London’s children and teenagers.

Billions cut from early help for children and young people

An investigation by The Children’s Society and the National Children's Bureau reveals that Government funding to help children and young people before their problems spiral out of control has been cut by more than half.

16 and 17 year olds are caught between childhood and adulthood

Our new Seriously Awkward campaign calls for better protection for vulnerable 16-17 year olds. You may wonder what protections these teenagers need.

Growing numbers of children helped by The Children’s Society

New Impact Report clearly shows positive impact The Children's Society is having on young people’s lives

Luke's story: Something isn't quite right

The most vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds are falling through the cracks between childhood and adulthood, simply because of their age. Our Seriously Awkward campaign aims to change that.

Abolishing child poverty targets masks true extent of in-work poverty

Whilst there are many factors that contribute to families falling into and becoming trapped in poverty, the ability to maintain a reasonable standard of living and afford essentials is at the heart of the matter.