The Children's Commission on Poverty

15 young people are leading an investigation into of the realities of child poverty, discovering what needs to change to deliver brighter futures for children in England.

Intergenerational work

Through our intergenerational work we aim to improve younger and older people's experiences of living together in their community.

The link between the Troubled Families Programme and missing children

This month the All Party Parliamentary group on young runaways held a meeting to explore how missing children can be better helped through the programme.

Crucial opportunity missed to lift refugee children out of poverty

The government has failed to increase asylum support rates, leaving over 10,000 asylum-seeking children in poverty.

School’s out for summer

Anne Richards reflects on whether the long summer holidays are a dream or a nightmare

What you can do

Find the multiple ways you can get involved with our work.

Debt Trap game

Our game shows just how deeply debt can cost a family - give it a try today.

Debt Trap

Debt's impact on children is often ignored or misunderstood. Change that - get involved in our Debt Trap campaign.