Advent: Ambitions for our children

As we move through the second week of Advent, Teresa Pearce MP focuses on the message of Isaiah to remind us to think big about how we can help the most vulnerable children.

Rise in food bank use a 'national scandal'

It's a national scandal that ever more families are resorting to food banks, and it's imperative that this report's call to action is answered.

Advent: From desolation to hope

David Hockney’s Garroby Hill serves as a timely reminder of the winding road to Christmas, through desolation to hope.

Advent: Get involved in Christingle

Our video shows how Christingle supports our vision to free children - including the 3.5 million children in the UK live in poverty - from disadvantage.

Advent: A letter to Isaiah

As we move to the final day focusing on Isaiah 64.1-9, Martin Wroe pens a letter to the author of the Book of Isaiah.

Advent: The four-week wait

For many children, four weeks seems like a lifetime, and yet for others, the longer they can delay Christmas, the better

Disadvantaged children bearing the brunt of cuts

Our response to the Autumn Statement 2014: 'Vulnerable children's needs must not be forgotten'