'Debt has a real impact on children': Our response to StepChange's report on problem debt

Debt forces families to cut back on basic essentials, causes family arguments and leads to children being embarrassed or bullied by their peers.

We need to do more to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitation

As recent scandals in Rotherham, Oxford and elsewhere highlight the need to protect children from sexual exploitation, our policy officer highlights things we should do.

Read our new Impact Report

Our new report is part of our accountability to volunteers, partners, donors, supporters and, especially, the children we have the honour to work with.

What children say about making decisions

We involve children and young people in decision-making, giving them a say in our work.

John's story: Our mentoring project helped him change his life

'My mum says that things are now going our way for once and The Children’s Society can take a lot of credit for that', John says.

Emily's story: One of our children’s centres helped a family rebuild its life

When Emily’s twin died at just eight months old, her parents were devastated. One of our children’s centres was able to help.

Melissa's story: We helped turn around a young carer's life

'I’ve received so much support from The Children’s Society’s Young Carers in Focus programme', Melissa says.

Impact Report

Read more about our work in our Impact Report 2013/14.