About the Good Childhood Inquiry

Children playing dress upThe Good Childhood® Inquiry was the UK's first independent national inquiry into childhood.

Its aims were to renew society's understanding of modern childhood and to inform, improve and inspire all our relationships with children.

The Good Childhood Inquiry

The Good Childhood Inquiry aimed to renew society's understanding of childhood, and to inform, improve and inspire all our relationships with children.

Parliamentary work

We tell members of parliament (MPs) and peers what children and young people want and what they think about their lives.

Partnership working

The Children's Society works in partnership with other voluntary organisations and agencies to share experiences and maximise our impact.

Donna, project worker

Donna sees the effects of domestic abuse every day. Find out how she supports children who need it most.

Chris, aged 18

When Mum takes drugs, the consequences affect everyone. Find out what happened to Chris.

Sam, aged 14

Sometimes the hardest word to say is 'sorry'. Not everyone gets a second chance. Watch Sam's story.

Emma, aged 13

Emma is only little. Other children bully her at school. Find out who she turned to.

Ben, aged 14

Ben had his ribs broken by his step-mum. He told no one. It was easier to run away. He thought the streets would be safer. They weren't.

Sophie, aged 12

When stuff's bad in your life, it's good to have someone to talk to. Sophie talked to her mentor, instead of hitting out.