New rules on payday loans welcome - but more must be done to protect children

Even after the FCA's new price cap comes into force, low-income families still face paying back as much as double what they originally borrowed.

Introducing our interns

Alice, our volunteer intern, introduces herself and a wave of fellow interns who are making big contributions to our organisation.

Tens of millions of pounds of emergency support for disadvantaged families at risk

More than £170m of funding for emergency grants and essential support to help families in a crisis is under threat from Government cuts.

Child abuse inquiry must have more power

The independent inquiry into child abuse must not lose any more pace.

Abuse inquiry must put children first

It is vital that, as steps are taken to find a new chair, this inquiry's work continues. The victims and survivors of child sexual abuse have already waited too long to get the justice they deserve.

Davpack – a new partner finding unique ways to support us

Barry the Box and special Christmas packaging are the first ways our Davpack partnership supports our work.

Changing the lives of sexually exploited children

What's a day like for a project worker helping sexually exploited children?

Our support workers take fundraising to new heights – Part 2

Earlier this year, Elizabeth and her colleague shared plans to skydive 15,000 feet, all to raise money for our work. Now she shares her amazing experience.

Response to Ann Coffey MP’s report on child sexual exploitation

The biggest weapon against child sexual exploitation that we have is prevention. All young people must be equipped with the knowledge to recognise when they are being exploited and abused.