Policy areas

Our policy team focus their work on six main policy areas, helping to make childhood better for children across the UK.

The risk of young people on the streets is reduced by a new, flexible approach that meets the needs they identify.

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Why we campaign

We must improve the lives of the most vulnerable children in our country.

Research staff

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Two things stand out compared to a century ago:

  • Most women now work outside the home.
  • In Britain 70% of mothers with 9-12 month old babies now do some paid work.

This compares to only 25% twenty-five years ago.

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Research areas

Our research team specialises in areas including children and family relationships, children at risk on the streets and children's well-being.

Good Childhood Conversations

People participating in a Good Childhoo ConversationThe Good Childhood Conversations are local, community events that bring people together to discuss the issues and pressures facing young people today.

Questions raised include:

Worship resources

Prayer is a place where we meet God.


All our training is delivered by skilled trainers experienced in working with children and young people and is grounded in up-to-date research and practice.


The Children's Society has been providing consultancy across children's services through our network of projects for over a decade.