10 June 2014
To better support young carers,we are interviewing young carers and their families over the next several weeks
22 January 2014
Ian was 'a man of vision, faith and principle'
17 January 2014
Our retail empire is growing with new shops opening all the time
15 January 2014
Two companies join forces with us to help disadvantaged children
15 January 2014
The inventive ways our supporters have been raising money and new opportunities to get involved
14 January 2014
The Children’s Commission on Poverty
14 January 2014
The 15 young people that make up The Children's Commission on Poverty talk about their visions for the campaign
14 January 2014
An update on what's happening around the organisation
13 January 2014
Welcome to Voice magazine, 2014, Issue 1
13 January 2014
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Press releases

several boxes of Easter chocolates
10 April 2012
The Huntress Group recruitment agency donated a small mountain of more than 200 chocolate Easter eggs to young people.
09 April 2012
Low levels of support leave around 10,000 children in severe poverty for long periods, our analysis shows.
staff and Brendan Ainscough stand with a van in front of our shop in Chorley
29 March 2012
Wigan-based industrial services company Ainscough Vanguard donated over £16,000 for the purchase of a new van to our charity shops in the northwest.
Auction winners Danielle and Anthony with Legally Blonde star Carley Stenson
28 March 2012
Winners of one of our Christmas auctions watched the musical Legally Blonde then met the show's star for drinks and conversation.
28 March 2012
'It is of little surprise that this independent report has pointed to factors like lack of opportunities for young people as causes behind last summer’s riots.'
27 March 2012
'Members of the House of Lords have shown their commitment to protecting the rights of up to 6,000 children.'
21 March 2012
This budget has fallen a long way short of putting vital pounds into the pockets of low-income families
16 March 2012
We've launched an inquiry into support provided for children who go missing from care.
13 March 2012
The government is absolutely right to commit to do more to support the most disadvantaged children and families, says our Policy Director.
07 March 2012
In a joint letter, we are among six children's charities to voice concerns that young people will be denied access to justice in proposed changes to legal aid.

Latest news

For information on what’s happening across our organisation and for our opinions on policies of the day read our latest news.
several people dressed as Santa Claus running
22 October 2012
Please join us in Greenwich on Sunday 9 December for this year's Skyline Santa Run
Map of England, coloured in different shades of purple
20 October 2012
Use our map to learn of local support and ask your council to support young runaways
The Access Self Storage logo and snowflakes
19 October 2012
Get a head start on the Christmas season by donating new and unused games and toys to Access Self Storage's Christmas Toy Appeal
18 October 2012
'We welcome the work the government has done in the past year to tackle this horrific issue.'
young person sitting in a wheelchair
17 October 2012
Disabled people and their families will be worse off under Universal Credit if current plans go ahead, a new report finds
David Warren
12 October 2012
Congratulations to David, who has been recognised for his 11 years of donating his time to help young people
10 October 2012
Children in Newham are displaying 20 pinhole-camera photographs and an animated film to show what sport means to them
09 October 2012
Beginning today, you can easily access our site on your mobile.
08 October 2012
The government needs to be honest with the public about what a further drastic cut in welfare payments will mean for families
03 October 2012
The Children’s Society has today (3 October 2012) launched a new partnership with Travelex Foreign Currency Services

Children in trouble with the law

Bullying, violence, deprivation. Exposed to terrors like these, it's not surprising that some children are driven to crime. At The Children's Society we seek lasting solutions to the reasons behind the statistics, providing preventative support and guidance that leads children away from the cycle of crime and custody. We also help to reconcile victims with offenders and campaign for society to see that young offenders are not hardened criminals and that they retain the right to be treated like children.
Sad girl leaning against wall
Safe Choices works to prevent and reduce violent offending by young women.
Football team
The Children's Society team in Cheshire works with teenagers and uses sport and leisure activities to promote social inclusion.
Girl standing against a wall
The Children's Society in Coventry and Solihull have been commissioned by Solihull Children and Young People's Trust to deliver various services for children.

Traveller and Gypsy children - T

Children of Traveller, Gypsy and Roma families often face discrimination by the media, bullying at school and rejection from their local communities. Due to widespread prejudices and little understanding of their culture and traditional way of life, few agencies try to reach them. We understand their needs and we lobby for their right to a good childhood.
teenage girl looking at viewer
Our programme supports young people aged 11-19 from around the world seeking to rebuild their lives in Greater Manchester.
Girls talking
Include is part of our refugee pioneer practice and the Young Carers Beacon, and works to meet goals and targets for these two groups.
LEAP programme staff - 14 people standing and smiling
LEAP stands for listening, empowerment, advocacy and participation. The LEAP programme is based in West Leeds.
young boy
Since 1996 the work of the New Londoners has increasingly focused on supporting young refugees and Roma children.
Boy looking over balcony
We work with asylum seeking, refugee and migrant children, young people and families within Newcastle.
Boy talking to programme worker
The Children's Society in Oxford, formally known as the OASIS and Harbour Projects, provides a range of services to refugees and asylum seekers.
Boy standing against a wall
We strive to make childhood better by working directly with children, young people and their families who have fled their home countries.

The Children's Society's Reaction to the Child Benefit Cut

29 October 2010
29 October 2010

Change. The Children's Society accepts the Government's decision to withdraw Child Benefit from higher tax rate earners, and hopes that this will allow the Government to strengthen its protection of the poorest and most vulnerable families. We also call on the Government to consider the reinstatement of a universal Child Benefit when the public finances allow.

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