Joanna Petty, Facilitator

From our Church team

As a facilitator for Good Childhood Conversations, Joanna leads events, carries out consultation with children and young people, and speaks about our work.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser

From our Church team

For more than 30 years Jim has supported our community, youth and social work. He worked with children and young people across Bath and North East Somerset, specialising in working within rural and with traveller communities. He spearheads the Good Childhood Conversations initiative, generating and leading debates about childhood, with the aim of creating a better childhood.

Rosie Rutherford

Rosie Rutherford, Media Assistant

From our Media team

As a media intern, Rosie wrote press releases and pitched stories to the press. She studies Drama and Creative Writing at Winchester University

Mubena Abdul-Rahim

Mubena Abdul-Rahim, Public Affairs Volunteer

From our Policy team

Mubena was on a 3 month placement and supported the team with public affairs and parliamentary work.

Loretta Jones

Loretta Jones, Regional Fundraising Development Coordinator

From our Fundraising and events team

Loretta coordinated our carol singing, runs and a wide range of regional fundraising activities. She left the organisation in 2013.

Laura Rodrigues

Laura Rodrigues, Policy Officer - Poverty and Early Years

From our Policy team

Laura worked on child poverty and early years policy, particularly focusing on welfare reform and children's centres. She left the organisation in 2013.

Claudia Moynihan

Claudia Moynihan, Senior Co-ordinator -Good Childhood Team

From our Church team

Claudia provides information and support to people across the country as they take part in Good Childhood events discussing issues that affect children and young people in their area.

Kate Richardson, Marketing Manager

From our Fundraising and events team

Kate manages marketing support for our fundraising, children's centres and programmes


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