Advent: The four-week wait

For many children, four weeks seems like a lifetime, and yet for others, the longer they can delay Christmas, the better

Disadvantaged children bearing the brunt of cuts

Our response to the Autumn Statement 2014: 'Vulnerable children's needs must not be forgotten'

Advent: A musical reflection

‘Advent Song’ from Christine McIntosh offers a musical reflection on the coming weeks.

Help support young carers on #GivingTuesday [Updated]

The global day of giving known as #GivingTuesday is launching in the UK this year - please join in.

Advent: Reflecting on Isaiah’s recognition

Today we offer a short reflection on Isaiah’s recognition of God’s plan for the world.

Advent: Eleven rules for Christingle

Author Jeremy Fletcher and artist Dave Walker offer playful hints for your Christingle celebration.

Response to Government's announcement on its modern slavery strategy

The Government’s announcement of its strategy to tackle slavery in the UK is an important step forward. But for it to be effective, it is vital it makes sure children trafficked – both within and to this country – get the help they need.


Get involved in Christingle

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