Sam Royston

Sam Royston, Policy Adviser

From our Policy team

Sam is our expert on the UK benefit system and welfare reform. He leads on child poverty and early years policy work.

Ruby Peacock

Ruby Peacock, Policy and Parliamentary Assistant

From our Policy team

Ruby worked across all policy, public affairs and parliamentary work including briefing for ministers, MPs and peers, and organising our events.

Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams, Policy Officer

From our Policy team

Natalie works on young runaways, child sexual exploitation and trafficking policy, as well as advocacy for looked-after children.

Ilona Pinter

Ilona Pinter, Policy Adviser

From our Policy team

Ilona leads on young refugees, migrant, traveller and trafficking policy and is co-chair of the Refugee Children's Consortium.

Enver Solomon

Enver Solomon, Policy Director

From our Policy team

Enver managed our Policy and Public Affairs team until September 2012.

Ellen Broome

Ellen Broome, Acting Policy Director

From our Policy team

Ellen managed our policy and public affairs team and was our spokesperson for all policy issues. She left the organisation in late 2013.

Liz Lovell, Policy Adviser

From our Policy team

Liz led on health and disabled children's policy issues with Iryna. She left the organisation in mid-2012.

David Hounsell

David Hounsell, Economic Adviser

From our Policy team

David provides economic advice on our policy work and direct practice. He analyses policy proposals, measures our services' cost-effectiveness and manages improvements in how we measure our impact.

Lauren Devereux, Media Intern

From our Media team

Lauren is a university student, studying communcications. Aside from children's well-being, she is passionate about anti-genocide and advocates for justice in East Africa. She was an intern with our media team in 2012.

Rafi Cooper, Media Officer

From our Media team

Rafi Cooper was a Media Officer until late 2011. He now lives in Australia.

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