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Jade from Norfolk
Hey everyone have a good weekend hey Beth hey Katie and hey Cerrensa

Shirley from Greater Manchester
You all work very hard, but I hope you can get a lot of help and have some time for yourselves too, because you really deserve it for caring so unselfishly. Best Wishes.

The Young Carers Festival

The Young Carers Festivals are part of the process of recognising, informing and consulting with young carers.

Hold a Bake and Brew

Host a Bake and Brew event in support of The Children's Society and join hundreds of supporters around the country.

Collection for Children

Our annual Collection for Children raises money for our work with disadvantaged children.

Choirs and orchestras

Can you make a difference to the lives of thousands of disadvantaged young people through music?

Anisha's story

Anisha looks after her mum. It's just the two of them, which means she does the cooking and the housework too. She fits all this around her school and her homework.

Carol singing

Carol singing is an entertaining, fun and festive way to help raise thousands of pounds for disadvantaged children.

Major donors

The support and involvement of generous donors can make a truly transformational impact on the children and young people we work with.