Lizzie Murray

Lizzie Murray, Social Media Community Manager

From our Digital team

As our Social Media Community Manager, Lizzie manages our social media profiles, keeps our content up to date and keeps our fans and followers engaged.

Rabbi Lea Mühlstein

Lea Mühlstein, Rabbi, West London Synagogue

From our Guest bloggers

Part of the rabbinic team at West London Synagogue, Rabbi Lea is involved in all aspects of synagogue life. In particular, she works with lay leaders to maintain and expand social action programmes, including the monthly asylum seeker drop-in centre, as well as interfaith initiatives.

Matt Summers-Sparks

Matt Summers-Sparks, Digital Editor

From our Digital team

Working across our organisation, Matt coordinates blog posts and edits our website.

Gillian Claugher

Gillian Claugher, Director of Regional Fundraising and Development

From our Fundraising and events team

Gillian manages our very talented regional fundraising and development team, which raises over £5m annually through fundraising events, campaigns, athletic challenges, and by supporting our many supporters in their own fundraising activities.

Joe Waterton

Joe Waterton, Director of Partnership Development

From our Fundraising and events team

Joe leads on the development of strategic partnerships from funders and donors to raise long-term funding for our programmes supporting children in poverty and adolescent neglect.

Stefan Van Houwe

Stefan Van Houwe, Fundraising Intern

From our Fundraising and events team

Stefan is an intern in our fundraising team.

Samantha Pena

Samantha Pena, Digital Marketing Intern

From our Digital team

As a digital intern, Samantha wrote and edited Facebook, Twitter and blog posts, and helped to manage the intern and volunteer blogs.

Emma Ball, Artist and Designer

From our Guest bloggers

Emma Ball is a Nottingham based artist and designer who has been supporting our work since 2010, and has designed a number of exclusive products to raise funds for our work.

Lloyd Chapman, Information and Resource Officer | Include Programme

From our Programme staff

As part of our Include Programme, Lloyd works on the Prevention through Partnership programme involving young carers affected by parental substance misuse, mental ill health and parental imprisonment

Abby Irwin

Abby Irwin

From our Guest bloggers

Abby is a songwriter, musician and university student.

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