Martin Jones

Martin Jones, Project Manager, The Children’s Commission on Poverty

From our Campaigns team

I help to co-ordinate and organise all the different areas of work that are needed to support and promote the work of The Children's Commission on Poverty.

The Earl of Listowel

The Earl of Listowel

From our Guest bloggers

The Earl of Listowel is a peer in the House of Lords.

young girl
Take action

Debt's impact on children is often ignored or misunderstood. Change that - watch and share our video.

Charlotte Mulcock

Charlotte Mulcock, Fundraiser

From our Guest bloggers

Charlotte is one of our fantastic fundraisers in West Yorkshire.

Elizabeth O'Connor, Project Worker

From our Programme staff

Elle Morgan, Digital Intern

From our Digital team

Elle works with the digital team and others across the organisation to create and edit content for our website and emails.

Jo Joyner

Jo Joyner, Actress and supporter

From our Guest bloggers

Best known as an actress on EastEnders, Jo is also a mother and supports our Big Summer DO fundraising campaign.

Kathleen Upsdale

Kathleen Upsdale, Project Worker, Safe in the City

From our Programme staff

Shohana Shabnam

Shohana Shabnam, Programme Manager, The Children's Society in Oxford

From our Programme staff

Richard Crellin, Project Officer

From our Policy team

Richard is Project Officer for the Birmingham Commission for Children

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