Our support workers take fundraising to new heights – Part 2

Earlier this year, support worker Elizabeth talked of her plans to skydive 15,000 feet, along with her colleague Leonie, in support of our work. Having completed the jump, she now shares the details of her amazing experience. 

Response to Ann Coffey MP’s report on child sexual exploitation

The biggest weapon against child sexual exploitation that we have is prevention. All young people must be equipped with the knowledge to recognise when they are being exploited and abused.

A Cut Too Far: Save the emergency safety net for children

Reverse the Government’s attempt to abolish funding for local welfare assistance schemes.

Pulling out all the stops: our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At just seven years old, Lee was forced to have home schooling after experiencing extreme bullying at his school. Lee has dyspraxia which makes learning difficult, and stuggled with social anxiety and making friends. 

Our Future Links project, which supports disabled children through one-to-one work, has given Lee the support he needs to turn things around. His self-esteem has improved and he now wants to help other young people who are being bullied. 

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A summer of opportunities: Volunteering in the church partnership team

What makes a great summer? My answer to this is quite simple: doing things that help others. That is exactly what I was up to for my 2014 summer break.

Allegations against South Yorkshire Police 'alarming'

We respond to the force's decision to investigate claims it let down young people at risk of child sexual exploitation in Sheffield.

Critical that inquiry listens to children’s voices

The inquiry into child sexual exploitation must get to the bottom of why historic allegations were not investigated further, including why dismissive attitudes towards children's allegations were allowed to persist.

Well-being consultations

Our combination of survey, follow-up and feedback gathers local data, and gives children a voice in obtaining a better understanding of their lives.