Debt Trap: You spoke, they listened

Yesterday was decision day for payday loan adverts. 

We delivered your 17,000 messages to the Government, and now they’ve listened to you. 

The Government has told the advertising watchdogs to investigate restrictions that would protect children from these irresponsible adverts. 

Today: Join us and Martin Lewis in calling to halt payday loan advertising

Consumer advice expert Martin Lewis has written a passionate plea for Parliament to take action to curb payday loan advertising.

Yay! Thanks for supporting our blog

Good news - for the second year in a row, our blog has been nominated for best blog in the Social Buzz Awards. (We received a commendation at last year's awards.)

‘No excuse’ - children still not being protected from abuse

Responding to Ofsted report The sexual exploitation of children: It couldn't happen here, could it?

Response to MPs' report on Rotherham child sexual abuse

Children who have been let down by the very professionals who should have protected them – whether police, councils or Ofsted – must not be let down again by a lack of scrutiny, care and support.