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Across England, a staggering 166,363 children provide unpaid care for parents, siblings and family members. Yet these young carers often slip under the radar of teachers in classrooms up and down the country, leaving them without the support they need and deserve.

That is why we, the Carers Trust and other charities are launching Young Carers in Schools, our new, far-reaching programme to help schools better support this vulnerable group of young people. 

If you are a teacher or work at a school or local authority, find out how you can get involved

Young Carers in Schools provides education staff with resources and training to make sure young carers get vital support.

Get involved in Young Carers in Schools.

Being a young carer can harm a young person’s future

Recent analysis by us and the Carers Trust reveals that young carers lag behind in school and miss out on their childhoods because of the demands placed on them:

  • Around one in 20 young carers miss school because of the amount of support they have to provide at home
  • Young carers also have significantly lower educational attainment at GCSE level - the equivalent to nine grades lower overall than their peers
  • A quarter (26%) of young carers were bullied because of their caring role

Young carers across England and Wales

We analysed the most recent census data concerning young people across England and Wales to determine the number of young carers who are in local authorities across the country. 

Our map breaks down our results by local area. At a glance, you can see that young people across England and Wales are young carers.


Get involved

If you work at a school or local authority, find out how you can help young carers - get involved in Young Carers in Schools.

By Matt Summers-Sparks - Digital Editor
Matt Summers-Sparks
- Digital team

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