Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson has recently led an inquiry into the effects that the planned Universal Credit benefit system will have on disabled people.

The findings are shocking - approximately half a million disabled people and their families will be worse off under the new benefits system if current plans go ahead. Thousands will have difficulty paying for food and accomodation.

Please watch my video that addresses the report and addresses why we supported the inquiry.

The inquiry's report and more information

The inquiry report, Holes in the Safety Net: The impact of Universal Credit on disabled people and their families, also reveals that:

  • 100,000 disabled children stand to lose up to £28 a week.
  • 116,000 disabled people who work will be at risk of losing up to £40 per week from help towards additional costs of being disabled.

There is much more information in the inquiry's report and in our press release.

By Laura Rodrigues, Policy Officer

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By Laura Rodrigues - Policy Officer - Poverty and Early Years
Laura Rodrigues
- Policy team

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