Samantha Morton

We're proud that Samantha Morton is supporting our Make Runaways Safe campaign.

Please read her statement and take action to help vulnerable young people.

Samantha's statement: 'We need to listen and act'

'I’m shocked to hear that less than half of councils are failing to carry out proper checks to make sure runaway children are safe when they come home. I support The Children’s Society’s call for all vulnerable children who run away to get the vital support they need. 

'I spent my whole life in care until I was 16 and I came horribly, dangerously, massively close to not surviving. Some of my friends didn’t. I ran away from care repeatedly, and return interviews - a chance to talk to someone independent who would listen to my problems - could have helped me and my friends, and could help many vulnerable young children now.

'There are too many children who are falling through the system who get exploited and drawn into a life of crime, prostitution and drugs. This is a wake-up call and we need to listen and act.'


Take action

We are calling on the government to strengthen the guidance to make sure councils offer return interviews to all children who run from home or care. As our recent report makes clear, return interviews are a vital form of support for young people who run away, and they need to be more widely offered.

Please tell the government how important these interviews are. 

By Samantha Morton - Actress
Samantha Morton
- Guest blogger


Samantha u have done an excellent job by doing social works i am heartfuly handsof to u. And atlast i need to ask nothing but can i join in ur society
I back this campaign

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