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The season of Advent is both counter-cultural and challenging: at a time when the high street whips us up into a frenzy of over-activity and over-consumption, it can feel almost impossible to find space, to slow down, and to wait in the darkness for the coming of the light of the birth of Jesus. 

Our work is driven and guided by Christian principles, believing in the promise that there is always light in the darkness. This is a guiding motivation for our work with some of the most vulnerable and marginalised children and young people in our society, as we help them access what they need for a good childhood. 

Every Sunday during Advent you will find a prayer that can be used at a candle-lighting service or story to help you pray and reflect during this season of waiting.  

On the other six days of the coming weeks our Advent blog will feature posts to inspire reflection throughout this season.

The first week’s prayer is written by Paula Gooder


    Loving God,

    As we light our Advent candles

    set our hearts on fire once again with the light of your love

    so that we might shine boldly as lights in the darkness

    bringing your love and justice to all those we meet.



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By Dr Paula Gooder - Freelance writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies
Dr Paula Gooder
- Guest blogger

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