Infographic: Ten facts and figures about childhood poverty

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Sam Royston
From our Policy team

Our policy adviser draws on a range of figures to create a broad picture of childhood poverty

10 facts on poverty infographic

10 facts about poverty

Since 1881 our charity has been committed to supporting children living in poverty. Although the details of poverty have changed since Victorian times, the repercussions of it are just as significant and we are as committed today to tackling child poverty as we ever have been.

That’s why we launched our Fair and Square campaign for all children in poverty to receive a free school meal, and it’s why we are now working to ensure that low income families receive some help to reduce their heating bills.

Official figures show that 3.5 million children live in poverty, a number that is set to rise in the coming years. We do not believe this is either acceptable nor necessary, and we will continue to work towards a society that is free of child poverty.

Infographic created by Publishing Projects

                             10 facts about poverty


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