From the archives: Christmas photos from the 1950s


The manager of our archives presents a handful of heartwarming Christmas images


This Christmas, we have taken a look back at our history. So far we’ve seen some of the images we created for our supporters from 1907 through 1952 as well as a collection of photos from the 1930s through the ‘60s.

Today please enjoy these photographs from the nativity displays at the Beatrix Nursery in East Knoyle. Each year the nursery put on a large Christmas display and many decorations across the building. These photographs were all taken in the 1950s.

While we no longer operate this nursery, the photos show how the spirit of supporting vulnerable children is just as vital today as it was when Edward Rudolf founded our organisation in 1881.

We hope you enjoy these photographs and have a lovely Christmas.


Images from our archives, 1950s


1950s Christmas Scene


1950s Christmas Scene


1950s Christmas Scene

1950s Christmas Scene

1950s Christmas Scene




What a great surprise to see my old home. I was sent to beatrix when i was just a few months old and spent almost 3years there i can still remember the fabric of the building vividly in my mind. The Sister and Matron (Wilky & Blakey) as they were called to friends) did a great job and dedicated their lives to the cause of children me being just one. brian

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