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In this third week of Advent, we are focusing on the theme 'hope' and Isaiah 35.1-10. 

In Isaiah 35.1-10 we read a prophecy of  the future for God’s people. He offers an image of hope and beauty even when the world around us feels desolate. Mary and Joseph were refugees in their time and we consider the challenge facing people on the edge of society today.

Please watch a video we produced with the Contextual Theology Centre, 'Asylum and the Holy Family'.


You might like to ponder these questions, allowing yourself time to consider them before praying the prayer below.

How does it feel to be on the edge of something, uninvolved, unseen?
How might you open your eyes to the needs of others,
how might you open your heart to the pain of others,
how might you open your ears to the call of others?

God, whose Son knew the pain of rejection and destitution,
May we walk in places where the light is bright and darkness is illuminated.
May we live in places where the young are heard and their hearts are ignited.
May we strive to create places where hope underpins all conversations, experiences and decisions so that we might live in your kingdom, by your values and in your loving acceptance.


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Read more about our work advocating for young refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants


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By Mo Baldwin - Church Partnerships Communications Manager
Mo Baldwin
- Church team

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