Press releases

23 December 2012
Police forces and councils are not doing enough to protect children who run away
18 December 2012
Minister for child poverty presents evidence in final session of inquiry into asylum support
17 December 2012
Responding to her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP) report
young girl looking through window
14 December 2012
New report reveals that nearly half of teachers see hungry children coming into school, 72% see children come to school without lunch or means to buy one
11 December 2012
Ellen Broome, Policy Director comments on the government’s announcement on universal credit rates
Image of young girl in school playground
07 December 2012
Schools are missing important opportunities to protect vulnerable children
05 December 2012
'Too many children are already being made to pay the price for government cuts'
29 November 2012
We commend plans to allow Ofsted to share the names and addresses of children’s homes with the police
26 November 2012
A group of MPs and peers is meeting on 27 November to hear from experts and a young asylum seeker whether the current system of support is sufficient.
22 November 2012
Statement in response to the Work and Pensions Committee report on implementing Universal Credit