Press releases

19 March 2014
The cap on welfare spending announced by the government risks harming struggling families
18 March 2014
We welcome the government's decision to provide more help with childcare costs
12 March 2014
'Famous, Rich and Hungry' shines a much needed light on the reality of poverty and the harm it does to millions of people – including children – across the UK
12 March 2014
MPs have backed our call for wide-ranging reform of the children’s care system
07 March 2014
More than half of all children in poverty are missing out on crucial help that could keep them warm, reveals our shocking new analysis
27 February 2014
Response to the government's child poverty strategy.
24 February 2014
A group of young disabled people have produced a video about sex education and relationships featuring advice from professionals.
29 January 2014
New legal requirement meets our call for trafficked children's needs to take priority over their immigration status.
23 January 2014
We have welcomed the government's decision to protect free school meals for infants in law