Press releases

27 September 2012
'There must be a sea change in attitudes to young people in certain sections of the police and social services.'
27 September 2012
In association with Kent Safeguarding Children Board we will co-host a multi-agency, one-day workshop.
25 September 2012
Responding to the Deputy PM, Nick Clegg’s announcement of £100m capital funding for early education
21 September 2012
Young people seeking safety in the UK on their own are subjected to a culture of suspicion that leaves them frightened and confused, our new report reveals.
20 September 2012
Free school meals 'provide children with a healthy and nutritional meal' and numerous other events, our Director of Advocacy and Communications said.
13 September 2012
'It is vital that all children and young people who are in the UK on their own are given the support and protection they need.'
13 September 2012
Stronger statutory guidance is needed to make sure that every child in the care system has access to vital independent advocacy
10 September 2012
One hundred thousand of the country’s poorest working families will be hit hardest when new childcare measures come into effect.
07 August 2012
Young people are still stigmatised as a result of the riots that struck towns and cities across England a year ago today, our Young Voices project reports.
25 July 2012
In Greenwich we held a workshop to raise awareness of issues linked to children who run away from home and care