Press releases

08 May 2013
We have responded to the government's legislative agenda and its impact on children
28 April 2013
'The fact that families with children are not being targeted during its testing phase is of great concern'
25 April 2013
The Children’s Society celebrates another parliamentary voice to champion the needs of children across the country.
24 April 2013
'Many thousands of children are being failed by the very systems and professionals there to keep them safe'
15 April 2013
'The policy may be targeted at workless adults, but in reality children are seven times more likely than adults to lose out'
10 April 2013
The Children’s Society has called for a greater understanding of the needs and well-being of teenagers
02 April 2013
Response to Chancellor's speech on changes to welfare
21 March 2013
We have responded to new Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance, published by the government.
20 March 2013
'Children are largely absent from this budget. It gives little hope to struggling families already hit by sweeping cuts.'