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Approximately 15 staff members from the London Hub
Heidi Aho writes about the many ways in which our London Hub is a dynamic, inspiring programme.
08 November 2011
Media team
young man and a woman, his advocate, sitting on a blanket in a park
Research shows the important role advocates play in disabled children and young people's lives, says our policy adviser Elizabeth Lovell.
30 September 2011
Policy team
Little girls
Joanna Petty shares her experience of attending a leavers' event for primary school children that focused on friendship.
04 August 2011, 1 comment
Church team
Poster created by young people at our SCARPA programme
Fourteen-year-old Rachel Ward spent a week doing work experience at our SCARPA programme. Here she writes about what it was like.
28 July 2011, 1 comment
Programme staff
Young boy
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why it's important that children should have their views and opinions heard.
25 July 2011
Church team
Children in wheelchairs
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Advisor, explains why disabled children should be enabled to make their own choices in life.
20 June 2011
Church team
Crowd of EYPDAS staff
Kate Richardson, Marketing Manager, and Anne-Marie Charsley, Information Officer, share their experience of the launch day for EYPDAS
15 June 2011
Kate Palmer
Volunteer Kate Palmer shares her experience of being an Independent Visitor for our Salford Children's Rights programme.
07 June 2011, 2 comments
Programme staff
Young people from our PACT programme spend time with the Digital team
Carole Jackson details the visit by two young people from our PACT programme who interviewed the Children's Commissioner and meet staff at our head office.
03 June 2011
Programme staff
Young girl
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why children need to be able to trust adults
18 May 2011
Church team