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four lighted candles
How are we called to shine the light and warmth of the justice of God?
07 December 2012
Guest bloggers
image of young man
What does waiting during Advent tell us about working with young people, often caught in a web of complex needs and motivations?
06 December 2012
Church team
Several burning candles
Advent challenges us to wait, and wait well. We resist quick-fix answers as we consider the slow movement towards the fulfilment of God’s salvation.
05 December 2012
Guest bloggers
A lit candle against a black background
Candles symbolise the struggle between light and darkness, reminding us that as followers of Jesus we are called to be lights, shining in the darkness
04 December 2012
Guest bloggers
four lighted candles that are part of an Advent wreath
Advent readings invite us to look backwards and forwards in many ways, Paula Gooder writes.
03 December 2012, 1 comment
Guest bloggers
a lit candle against a black background
The season of Advent is both counter-cultural and challenging. We introduce our Advent blog with a prayer by Paula Gooder and a reflection of the season
02 December 2012
Guest bloggers
Sophie Brightwell smiles at the camera
Following this year's Greenbelt, Sophie Brightwell writes about abundant mud, a home away from home and young people's illustrations of paradise.
31 August 2012
Church team
Henry Katende standing beside the Archbishop of York
At this year's Edward Rudolf Lecture, Henry Katende listened to and met a man he had admired for years.
02 February 2012, 1 comment
Guest bloggers
young people playing along at a holiday club
Claudia Moynihan reports on one of our first projects to receive a grant for a local community project, and that more funds are available.
24 November 2011, 2 comments
Church team
Jim at Greenbelt
Find out how we got on at our very first Greenbelt festival, by Amy Doyle, our wellie-wearing festival-goer
06 September 2011
Digital team