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an aisle at a church between two rows of pews
Giles Fraser explains his sermon on John the Baptist - to recreate the playfully insightful service you may want to move seats while reading
17 December 2012
Guest bloggers
Three lit candles against a black background
The third week of Advent focuses on John the Baptist, whose message of repentance may be as hard for us to hear today as it was for his first listeners.
16 December 2012
Church team
image of young boy standing outside
Today we give thanks for the courage of those who face great risks to access what many of us take for granted.
15 December 2012
Guest bloggers
image of young woman
Where do we invest our time and talents? Investing in people will always be an intentional, generous and deliberate act.
14 December 2012
Guest bloggers
young girl smiling and speaking on the telephone
How ready are we to offer praise and thanks to God and to one another?
13 December 2012
Guest bloggers
young man in a hooded sweatshirt
How do we enable people who do not look the part to play their part?
12 December 2012
Guest bloggers
young boy in a carseat
Too often, young people with disabilities and learning difficulties are disregarded and overlooked.
11 December 2012
Guest bloggers
Firemen extinguishing a fire - text reads 'Who remembers the riots?'
Are we willing to enter into the wilderness and to hear the voices of those who are crying out?
10 December 2012
Guest bloggers
A candle being lit while another candle burns beside it
The second week of Advent traditionally focuses on the prophets who spoke out and brought an often uncomfortable message that spoke of what needed to change
09 December 2012
Guest bloggers
Several burning candles
We work with families and young people who are often 'in the dark', marginalised and unseen.
08 December 2012
Church team