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five teenagers speaking to one another
Being a befriender can make a huge difference in a young person's life, writes a volunteer at our LEAP programme in Leeds.
14 August 2012
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a dozen children holding Christingles
A supporter writes of young people in Bolivia supporting a Christingle service, raising funds for vulnerable young people.
18 December 2012
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Romany and Ciara holding microphones and speaking
Ciara and Romany helped create an incredibly catchy song about young runaways' problems and the support they need
24 October 2012
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three girls playing in a yard, in a colour-drenched photograph
After years of working with Roma and migrant children, artist Marta Kotlarska explains the importance of a new exhibition of young people's photos
19 October 2012
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A lit candle against a black background
Candles symbolise the struggle between light and darkness, reminding us that as followers of Jesus we are called to be lights, shining in the darkness
04 December 2012
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a lit candle against a black background
The season of Advent is both counter-cultural and challenging. We introduce our Advent blog with a prayer by Paula Gooder and a reflection of the season
02 December 2012
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Several burning candles
Advent challenges us to wait, and wait well. We resist quick-fix answers as we consider the slow movement towards the fulfilment of God’s salvation.
05 December 2012
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four lighted candles
How are we called to shine the light and warmth of the justice of God?
07 December 2012
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image of young woman
Where do we invest our time and talents? Investing in people will always be an intentional, generous and deliberate act.
14 December 2012
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A candle being lit while another candle burns beside it
The second week of Advent traditionally focuses on the prophets who spoke out and brought an often uncomfortable message that spoke of what needed to change
09 December 2012
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