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an adult woman listening to a young woman
Our new tools allow you to estimate the budget needed to provide advocacy - a valuable service - to young people in care.
18 January 2013
Policy team
young boy
While census data reveals a spike in the number of young carers our report highlights the families young people behind the numbers
16 May 2013
Policy team
two boys at a table
As a report projects 600,000 more children will live in poverty by 2015, is the government failing to protect the most vulnerable?
27 June 2013
Policy team
young man and a woman, his advocate, sitting on a blanket in a park
Research shows the important role advocates play in disabled children and young people's lives, says our policy adviser Elizabeth Lovell.
30 September 2011
Policy team
Data on young people who go missing from care is often 'raw and erratic' and not comparable, minister says.
14 May 2012
Policy team
Grace and Amy tell stories of their visit to London to meet the minister.
25 May 2012
Policy team
The children's commissioner's new report identifies running away as an indicator that a child is at risk - more needs to be done to keep children safe.
23 November 2012
Policy team
Teenage girl reading
Enver Solomon, Policy Director at The Children's Society, shares his views on why 16 and 17-year-olds should be allowed to vote.
09 May 2011
Policy team
mother and two young sons
Enver Solomon, Policy Director at The Children's Society, shares his views on the government's new report and actions concerning families.
22 July 2011
Policy team
young boy playing
Unicef's new report on children's well-being in the UK does not go far enough, explains Policy Director Enver Solomon.
14 September 2011
Policy team