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Rosie sitting at a table with several boxes of papers and photographs
Our archives are a sort of Narnia, tucked away in an unassuming office building, housing a rich collection of stories.
17 July 2012
Media team
Rosie Rutherford
We’re launching a new series by Rosie, our Media Intern. She has been a mentor, interviewed our Chief Executive for his job, and is an expert at making tea
12 June 2012
Media team
Rosie Rutherford
Seeing the Olympic torch is good but when a friend is carrying it, it's even more special, writes Rosie, our media intern.
24 July 2012
Media team
Photograph of Rosie Rutherford
Our media intern Rosie recaps her two good but fast months with us, and her plans to head abroad.
10 August 2012
Media team
Jim Davis, our Good Childhood Adviser, introduces our Family Business Consultation Event, at St George's House, Windsor Castle.
14 February 2011
Church team
Young girl
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why children need to be able to trust adults
18 May 2011
Church team
Children in wheelchairs
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Advisor, explains why disabled children should be enabled to make their own choices in life.
20 June 2011
Church team
Young boy
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why it's important that children should have their views and opinions heard.
25 July 2011
Church team
young girl smiling
Jesus chose to be poor so that we might be rich. In our context, where we are so encouraged to aspire to financial wealth this can be deeply challenging.
21 December 2012
Church team
Four young people holding Christingle candles
Christingle is one way that we can give generously and sow seeds, but there are many other ways of giving.
22 December 2012
Church team