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Our digital team works closely across the organisation as they manage our websites, our blog, and our presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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Alice Whelan
six photographs from Alice Whelan's life
Alice Whelan knows what it’s like to be a child growing up in poverty. That’s why she is remembering us in her will
26 August 2014
Providing a helping hand
The Essentials Project has been supplying vital everyday items to families in the Tees Valley area
26 August 2014
Children with Candles
Help us change children’s stories at a Christingle celebration near you
26 August 2014
the houses of parliament
Our policy team has been busy campaigning for children
26 August 2014
The Beatles with young people we supported in 1964
Remembering the day in 1964 when The Beatles lent us some star support
26 August 2014
Houghton Regis Children’s Centre
Every penny raised helps us make a vital difference to children who need it.
26 August 2014