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Volunteers, young people we work with, people who support our campaigns and policy write about a wide range of subjects related to young people.

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Emma Ball Tea Towel
Artist and designer Emma Ball has been supporting our work since 2010. Here she tells us why we’re so close to her heart.
01 March 2013
Abby Irwin
'I wrote Shy to Be Human about a part of my life that I have both struggled with and have been blessed by'
27 February 2013, 3 comments
Sarah and her daughter Michaela
Our supporter Sarah Neild shares her training and fundraising tips as she gets ready to run the Bupa London 10,000
15 February 2013
flowers in a nursery
For Valentine's Day and throughout the year, you can support our work by having flowers delivered by post
07 February 2013
child seated in wheelchair
As a result of the planned changes, 'we are about to become more isolated, our quality of life and that of our children further impaired', Jacqueline writes
29 December 2012
Happy Christmas. Today join with the angels, the shepherds, and Mary and Joseph in rejoicing in Jesus’ birth as Saviour of the World.
25 December 2012
Two young people
As we follow Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem, how can we support young parents in their new found responsibilities?
24 December 2012
Young Girl
As Mary finds comfort, understanding and support away from home, how can we provide a safe place for young girls who run away today?
23 December 2012
a dozen children holding Christingles
A supporter writes of young people in Bolivia supporting a Christingle service, raising funds for vulnerable young people.
18 December 2012
an aisle at a church between two rows of pews
Giles Fraser explains his sermon on John the Baptist - to recreate the playfully insightful service you may want to move seats while reading
17 December 2012