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young boy drawing
Rosie Rutherford, guest editor of Voice
I’m proud to be the guest editor of Voice, the first of many young people who will be getting involved.
26 August 2014
Latasha speaking to young children
Latasha walking with a young girl
Latasha reading a book to two young girls
Latasha explains how, with your support, we helped her family escape a vicious cycle of debt
26 August 2014
Mags reading a book to a child
Mags helping a child create art
a girl at our chidren's centre
In an audio recording and interview, Mags tells us about the great experiences she has had at one of our children’s centres
26 August 2014
My name is Imogen and four years ago I was referred to a programme run by The Children’s Society in Lancashire.
26 August 2014
Gemma and Imogen seated at a table
Gemma, programme worker at our Street Safe programme
Thanks to your support, we are able to help children all year round
26 August 2014
Panel discussion
This month the All Party Parliamentary group on young runaways held a meeting to explore how missing children can be better helped through the programme.
18 August 2014