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Our media team works closely with national, regional, local, trade and consumer media to promote us and our initiatives to the general public, stakeholders and supporters.

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a crowd of hundreds of young carers at the 2013 Young Carers Festival
Have a look at how we were helped young carers in England get the support they need
24 February 2014
Photograph of girl with our Fair and Square logo
Today the Daily Mirror published a poll reporting the hunger teachers see every day
01 October 2013
The past seven weeks as an intern with the media team at The Children’s Society has been a great experience.
23 December 2012
Lauren Devereux looking at camera
Our intern Lauren signs off with a recap of a meeting at ITV, the inspiring people she has met and one last cup of tea.
10 May 2012
Lauren Devereux looking at the camera
Lauren Devereux visits a young people's awards programme and finds the children's exuberance inspiring.
04 May 2012
Lauren Devereux looking at the camera
Our intern Lauren Devereux writes of the Fair and Square campaign launch, preparation for the London Marathon and, at last, steady rain.
20 April 2012