For many people the lead-up to Christmas is a busy time of shopping, parties and fun. But Advent is a time of making space, of waiting and reflection. Over Advent we are offering daily resources and would love to walk with you on a journey of prayer and reflection during this season.

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young boy in a carseat
Too often, young people with disabilities and learning difficulties are disregarded and overlooked.
11 December 2012
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Firemen extinguishing a fire - text reads 'Who remembers the riots?'
Are we willing to enter into the wilderness and to hear the voices of those who are crying out?
10 December 2012
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A candle being lit while another candle burns beside it
The second week of Advent traditionally focuses on the prophets who spoke out and brought an often uncomfortable message that spoke of what needed to change
09 December 2012
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Several burning candles
We work with families and young people who are often 'in the dark', marginalised and unseen.
08 December 2012
Church team
four lighted candles
How are we called to shine the light and warmth of the justice of God?
07 December 2012
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image of young man
What does waiting during Advent tell us about working with young people, often caught in a web of complex needs and motivations?
06 December 2012
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Several burning candles
Advent challenges us to wait, and wait well. We resist quick-fix answers as we consider the slow movement towards the fulfilment of God’s salvation.
05 December 2012
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A lit candle against a black background
Candles symbolise the struggle between light and darkness, reminding us that as followers of Jesus we are called to be lights, shining in the darkness
04 December 2012
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four lighted candles that are part of an Advent wreath
Advent readings invite us to look backwards and forwards in many ways, Paula Gooder writes.
03 December 2012, 1 comment
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a lit candle against a black background
The season of Advent is both counter-cultural and challenging. We introduce our Advent blog with a prayer by Paula Gooder and a reflection of the season
02 December 2012
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