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young boy sitting with two friends
We're working to strengthen the role of the person responsible for representing children's views in government
26 March 2013
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Two boys talking
While elements of a new bill would improve how we tackle anti-social behaviour by children, it fails to propose measures to address the behaviour's root causes
28 January 2013
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Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Awards logo
Each year hundreds of unaccompanied young women escape persecution at home to seek protection in the UK - nominate a refugee woman you admire
03 December 2012, 1 comment
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Our Policy Director on the importance of the Riots, Victims and Communities Panel's report on last summer's riots
28 March 2012
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Thousands of vulnerable children, young people and families will have no way of getting legal advice or representation to help resolve their problems.
22 December 2011
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a woman listening to a girl
Although the government has seen children as passive objects of study for too long, there have been some encouraging indications of changing attitudes.
01 August 2011, 1 comment
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Teenage girl reading
Enver Solomon, Policy Director at The Children's Society, shares his views on why 16 and 17-year-olds should be allowed to vote.
09 May 2011
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