Refugees and young migrants

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Sarah Teather MP
At a debate in parliament, MPs and ministers address low levels of asylum support for young people and their families.
04 March 2013, 2 comments
Policy team
a graph that shows the varying levels of financial benefits
Use our interactive graph to see the varying levels of support for nine different families.
15 February 2013
Campaigns team
Young boy who is the lead character in Refugee Boy
In support of West Yorkshire Playhouse's new production of Refugee Boy, young people in Leeds share their stories
06 February 2013, 1 comment
Programme staff
young man in a hooded sweatshirt
For months, Ilona heard startling stories of families seeking safety in the UK. Find out how you can help these families.
05 February 2013
Policy team
young boy sitting against a wall
Our programme worker shares his experiences working with families in Leeds in the asylum system.
30 January 2013
Programme staff
young girl clutching her knees
The MPs and peers examining the asylum support system for children and young people held its second evidence-gathering session.
11 December 2012
Policy team
Migrant & Refugee Woman of the Year Awards logo
Each year hundreds of unaccompanied young women escape persecution at home to seek protection in the UK - nominate a refugee woman you admire
03 December 2012, 1 comment
Policy team
At the first evidence session of the parliamentary inquiry into asylum support for children and young people, experts said that essential needs are unmet
22 November 2012
Policy team
a graphic that shows a small family standing above 3 downward-facing arrows
Around 20,000 people, including unaccompanied children, seek asylum in the UK. The level of support they receive is being discussed in parliament
19 November 2012
Policy team
young girl looking at viewer
Funds raised while carol singing this year help pay for our work with thousands of young people across the country
16 October 2012