Make Runaways Safe

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A group of 30 young people
Scouts leader Camilla Legate describes her and 30 young people’s experience sleeping rough and raising funds for young people.
14 March 2012
Guest bloggers
boy who has run away, standing on pavement as people rush by him
Young people tell us why they run away and how we can help, Elaine Hindal writes
21 November 2011
Leadership team
Approximately 15 staff members from the London Hub
Heidi Aho writes about the many ways in which our London Hub is a dynamic, inspiring programme.
08 November 2011
Media team
Jim at Greenbelt
Find out how we got on at our very first Greenbelt festival, by Amy Doyle, our wellie-wearing festival-goer
06 September 2011
Digital team
Rhyannon Burman-Day
RAG Week is a fantastic time when students at universities and colleges across the UK raise money for charities.
02 September 2011
Young boy
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why it's important that children should have their views and opinions heard.
25 July 2011
Church team
Young girl with her head bowed
David Hounsell from our Policy team, visited our Hand in Hand programme to learn more about how they support children at risk of sexual exploitation.
27 June 2011
Policy team
Young girl
Jim Davis, Good Childhood Adviser, explains why children need to be able to trust adults
18 May 2011
Church team
Teenage boy
Elaine Hindal talks about her recent visit to our Safe in the City programme in Manchester that supports young runaways.
11 April 2011, 1 comment
Leadership team