Ilona Pinter

Ilona Pinter, Policy Adviser

From our Policy team

Ilona leads on young refugees, migrant, traveller and trafficking policy and is co-chair of the Refugee Children's Consortium.

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Our Policy Advisor Ilona Pinter explains the importance of our new report on young people's journeys through the UK asylum process
24 September 2012
In a recent case the German Constitutional Court ruled that the current benefits level paid to asylum seekers in Germany was insufficient.
04 September 2012
Our policy adviser writes about the response to a televeision programme featuring Roma families living in the UK, and what we can do to support them
31 August 2012
Ilona Pinter writes of a new report from a centre at Oxford University that addresses immigration policies' effects on children.
17 May 2012
For Young People Seeking Safety Week, Ilona Pinter addresses destitution as a serious concern and explains steps to address the problem.
03 April 2012
While disabled children want the same opportunities as their peers, many barriers prevent them from accessing needed services, says Policy Adviser Iryna Pona.
26 March 2012
girl in grey sweatshirt tucked in on herself, laying on floor, looking at camera
Policy Adviser Ilona Pinter writes of the shocking conditions many young people endure, and what they need.
24 February 2012
Thousands of vulnerable children, young people and families will have no way of getting legal advice or representation to help resolve their problems.
22 December 2011
Boy looking out of window
We must ensure that the vulnerable children travelling to the UK who are detained at ports are provided safety and brief detensions.
17 October 2011
Teenage girls
Ilona Pinter, Policy Advisor, shares her views on how reforms to legal aid will affect vulnerable children and young people seeking asylum.
27 June 2011