Enver Solomon

Enver Solomon, Policy Director

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Enver managed our Policy and Public Affairs team until September 2012.

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Our Policy Director on the importance of the Riots, Victims and Communities Panel's report on last summer's riots
28 March 2012
The government's view of the causes of this summer's riots is too narrow, according to research reports built upon thousands of interviews.
19 December 2011
young man speaking to adult
In our new report children say what they need for a 'normal kind of life'. It's rare to hear young people's opinions on the subject.
08 November 2011
young boy playing
Unicef's new report on children's well-being in the UK does not go far enough, explains Policy Director Enver Solomon.
14 September 2011
We must strengthen communities by involving children and young people, listening to their opinions and protecting intergenerational projects from budget cuts.
16 August 2011, 2 comments
woman helping young man in wheelchair into a medical vehicle
Will budget cuts be fair or will they disproportionately fall upon children and families most in need, pushing more families into poverty?
08 August 2011, 3 comments
a woman listening to a girl
Although the government has seen children as passive objects of study for too long, there have been some encouraging indications of changing attitudes.
01 August 2011, 1 comment
mother and two young sons
Enver Solomon, Policy Director at The Children's Society, shares his views on the government's new report and actions concerning families.
22 July 2011
Teenage girl reading
Enver Solomon, Policy Director at The Children's Society, shares his views on why 16 and 17-year-olds should be allowed to vote.
09 May 2011