Sophie Brightwell

Sophie Brightwell, Church Partnerships Coordinator

From our Church team

Sophie supports our Church Partnerships team by coordinating meetings to organising our stall for Greenbelt, all while drinking copious amounts of tea.

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'1.2 million Hungry children - Come on!'
Hundreds of festival goers sent a message to David Cameron about free school meals at Greenbelt last weekend.
02 September 2013
Young girl
This month, Nick Harding reflects on child poverty in our country, where more than 3 million children live in poverty
10 July 2013, 2 comments
young people looking at camera
This month, Kate Coleman reflects on how involving children in church is both dangerous and liberating
08 June 2013
Sophie Brightwell smiles at the camera
Following this year's Greenbelt, Sophie Brightwell writes about abundant mud, a home away from home and young people's illustrations of paradise.
31 August 2012