Michaela Neild

Michaela Neild, Public Affairs Assistant

From our Policy team

Michaela supported the policy team with our work in parliament. Prior to joining us she worked for a group of MPs in parliament and before that she was an elected officer in the National Union of Students. She left our organisation in late 2013.

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A group of young people talking
Michaela from our policy team reviews her team’s achievements in 2013
23 December 2013
Photograph modelled for The Children's Society | © Laurence Dutton
Trafficked children are forced into a range of horrific abuse, including domestic servitude, forced criminality and sexual exploitation.
17 October 2013
young girl looking directly at viewer
Legal aid helps the poorest challenge decisions that affect their lives, but cuts to the system threaten to harm children and families
28 May 2013
a series of seven members of our policy team holding signs
In advance of the Queen opening the new session of parliament, our policy team shares points that will help children and families
07 May 2013
Young refugee
Why we're backing MP Sarah Teather's call to improve support for children seeking asylum.
22 April 2013
young girl
A parliamentary debate highlights just how wide-ranging free school meal eligibility can be for a child's education
18 April 2013