Richard Haigh

Richard Haigh first began to work with children as a volunteer on summer holiday programmes for under Richard Haighprivileged children. From there he worked in children’s homes in the North West of England, as well as for services whose aim was to prevent children needing to enter the care system. He then completed his legal study qualifying as a solicitor, afterwards working in the voluntary sector managing a children’s right’s and advocacy project, a one-stop advice centre for young people, and is currently programme managing The Children’s Society’s work in Newcastle. This means that he has over 20 years of experience delivering and managing services for vulnerable children, from a range of perspectives including legal, statutory and from the voluntary sector.

Areas of expertise

  • Children and young people who go missing   
  • Services aimed at vulnerable adolescents

Recent speaking engagements

  • Northern Rock Foundation Sexual Exploitation Conference
  • IdEA/Newcastle City Council best practice safeguarding conference   
  • Brunswick Methodist Church Christmas City event
  • Internal event: Fundraising Away Day fundraising away day
  • Internal event: Retail conference
  • Internal event: Green Room Briefing