Joanna Manning

Programme manager

Jo ManningJoanna Manning is a Programme Manager at The Children's Society and leads on parental substance misuse and the impact it has upon children. She is an experienced practitioner and manager with over 20 years experience in the voluntary sector of working with and for vulnerable children and their families.

Areas of expertise

  • Parental substance misuse (drugs and alcohol) and the impact upon children and families.
  • Promoting the needs and rights of children affected by their parents substance misuse – promoting children’s voices and experiences.
  • Hidden Harm – Another term for children affected by their parents substance misuse, which comes from the report of an Inquiry carried out in 2003.
  • Young Carers and families affected by parental substance misuse.
  • Whole Family Working

Recent speaking engagements

  • Facilitated workshops on parental substance misuse and young carers at national conferences.
  • Designed and delivered bespoke Hidden Harm/Parental Substance Misuse Training to a range of local and national agencies.
  • Delivered a plenary and a workshop on Hidden Harm at a local event for teaching staff in Solihull – October 2010
  • Delivered workshop on parental alcohol misuse at an Alcohol Concern conference – November 2010
  • Presented at House of Lords event in partnership with Grandparents Plus – February 2011.
  • Delivered workshops at a joint Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Adfam Conference, Teenage Drinking: A Family Perspective – June 2011.
  • Delivered workshops on the needs and rights of children affected by parental substance misuse at Oxfordshire Children’s Safeguarding Board – July 2011