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Mark Newell
20 April 2012
'I am running as a "thank you" for the support ... when I was adopted and when tracing my birth mum 37 years later.'
Fair and Square campaign logo
19 April 2012
More than half of all school children living in poverty - 1.2 million - are missing out on free school meals.
17 April 2012
'More must be done to capture the true scale of the problem', says Lily Carter, Director of Campaigns
several boxes of Easter chocolates
10 April 2012
The Huntress Group recruitment agency donated a small mountain of more than 200 chocolate Easter eggs to young people.
09 April 2012
Low levels of support leave around 10,000 children in severe poverty for long periods, our analysis shows.
staff and Brendan Ainscough stand with a van in front of our shop in Chorley
29 March 2012
Wigan-based industrial services company Ainscough Vanguard donated over £16,000 for the purchase of a new van to our charity shops in the northwest.
Auction winners Danielle and Anthony with Legally Blonde star Carley Stenson
28 March 2012
Winners of one of our Christmas auctions watched the musical Legally Blonde then met the show's star for drinks and conversation.
28 March 2012
'It is of little surprise that this independent report has pointed to factors like lack of opportunities for young people as causes behind last summer’s riots.'
27 March 2012
'Members of the House of Lords have shown their commitment to protecting the rights of up to 6,000 children.'
Fields and hills in Hertfordshire
26 March 2012
Over 43 years, more than £275,000 has been collected by walkers through Hertfordshire.