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18 May 2011
The Children's Society is running a workshop at an event examining the consequences of alcohol abuse on young people.
16 May 2011
Action for Happiness is a movement of people committed to building a happier society.
13 May 2011
The new Household Below Average Income figures out today bring the welcome news that in the heart of the recession, child poverty fell.
11 May 2011
With Ecclesiastical Insurance, we have launched a new initiative that provides money to local community projects.
Metro Radio logo
11 May 2011
Our work with young runaways is set to receive a huge boost from one of the UK's biggest radio stations, Metro Radio.
11 May 2011
New research published by The Children's Society warns of the on-going dangers of detaining children.
Young sad child sitting down
10 May 2011
The funding for the OutCry! partnership came to an end last month but we will continue to campaign for the commitment to end child detention to be fulfilled
Young child holding her head in her hands
10 May 2011
Our Chief Executive comments on today’s official review of England's child protection system by Professor Eileen Munro.
David Cameron visiting disabled children at one of our programmes
20 April 2011
David Cameron visited one of our projects last week
19 April 2011
The High Court has declared that the immigration detention of a mother, resulting in her separation from her three children, was unlawful.