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25 July 2012
In Greenwich we held a workshop to raise awareness of issues linked to children who run away from home and care
18 July 2012
'It is vital that we do not lay blame for this country's issues solely at the doors of parents'
17 July 2012
The manager of our LEAP programme, Judith Shalkowski answers a wide range of questions about the project's work
16 July 2012
Commission Siobhan Fennell, a poet based in Derbyshire, to write a personalised poem for you - each piece supports our work with young people.
11 July 2012
Tens of thousands of disabled adults and children will be much worse off as a result of welfare reform changes.
10 July 2012
We are launching the Runaways Charter, a clear code for agencies with a duty to protect children who run away or go missing from home and care.
06 July 2012
We are joining Action for Children and NSPCC to warn of a dramatic rise in disadvantaged children and families
03 July 2012
Our Chief Executive says: 'Today’s speedy government response is very encouraging and sets out a comprehensive plan'.
02 July 2012
More than 1000 young carers attempted to smash a world record as they celebrated the launch of the new Young Carers in Focus programme.
30 June 2012
BBC Radio 4's 'Any Questions?' was broadcast live from our Young Carers Festival last night