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children singing
25 October 2011
We're gathering Carols on 14 December to sing Christmas carols in support of young runaways. (Even if your name isn't Carol, please join us.)
17 October 2011
Between May and the end of August 2011, 697 children were detained at all Greater London and South East ports.
14 October 2011
You can vote for The Secret Jungle and help the project win £6k through NatWest CommunityForce.
Emma Holmes
13 October 2011
This month Hand in Hand, our programme in Keighley that supports young runaways, is our Featured programme.
13 October 2011
The Children’s Society hosted an event at the Conservative Party Conference on national well-being.
11 October 2011
Please join The Children’s Society and young runaways for Evensong, 15 November in St Paul’s Cathedral.
11 October 2011
Statement in response to the Institute for Fiscal Studies' report on poverty and universal credit
07 October 2011
Four in ten disabled children in the UK - a staggering 320,000 - are living in poverty, reveals a new report by The Children’s Society.
several people, sitting around a table and around a room
05 October 2011
The Include Programme has launched its new Engage Toolkit, an online resource for anyone working with black and minority ethnic carers and their families
baby girl looking directly at the camera
30 September 2011
Children and young people across England are encouraged to create a logo to promote a year of events supporting The Right Year for Children.