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14 September 2012
We want to hear from school children and parents who receive free school meals, or those who are not entitled to get school meals but who are in need.
13 September 2012
'It is vital that all children and young people who are in the UK on their own are given the support and protection they need.'
13 September 2012
Stronger statutory guidance is needed to make sure that every child in the care system has access to vital independent advocacy
10 September 2012
One hundred thousand of the country’s poorest working families will be hit hardest when new childcare measures come into effect.
06 September 2012
We are looking for a young person who has been placed in care far away from home, who can share their story with the media.
29 August 2012
Are your children getting bored during the summer holidays? Bring them to your nearest shop and celebrate 'Family fun days'.
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28 August 2012
In association with the Kent Safeguarding Children's Board, we are co-hosting a day-long, multi-agency conference in late September - please join us
volunteers and staff in Burkina Faso
20 August 2012
Two young people from our Disability Advocacy Programme in London volunteered earlier this year to work for three weeks in Burkina Faso.
20 August 2012
We are looking for parents facing high levels of childcare costs and who can share their story with the media.
14 August 2012
We're focusing on our LEAP programme, which does fantastic work in support of disabled children and young refugees in the Leeds area.