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young girl clutching her knees
08 January 2013
'If this bill is passed, it will make it much harder for millions of children and families across the country to make ends meet.'
07 January 2013
Step into Gemma’s World and see the challenges faced by children living in poverty.
07 January 2013
This Tuesday, MPs will debate the introduction of a one per cent cap on benefit and tax credit increases under the welfare benefits up-rating bill.
02 January 2013
Children in Nottingham have been given a major boost thanks to the opening of a new charity shop dedicated to selling children’s clothes, books and toys.
23 December 2012
Police forces and councils are not doing enough to protect children who run away
18 December 2012
Minister for child poverty presents evidence in final session of inquiry into asylum support
17 December 2012
Responding to her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation (HMIP) report
young girl looking through window
14 December 2012
New report reveals that nearly half of teachers see hungry children coming into school, 72% see children come to school without lunch or means to buy one
11 December 2012
Ellen Broome, Policy Director comments on the government’s announcement on universal credit rates
Image of young girl in school playground
07 December 2012
Schools are missing important opportunities to protect vulnerable children