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21 March 2012
This budget has fallen a long way short of putting vital pounds into the pockets of low-income families
16 March 2012
We've launched an inquiry into support provided for children who go missing from care.
13 March 2012
The government is absolutely right to commit to do more to support the most disadvantaged children and families, says our Policy Director.
08 March 2012
Eyes Open is a not-for-profit social enterprise which seeks to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and internal trafficking.
07 March 2012
In a joint letter, we are among six children's charities to voice concerns that young people will be denied access to justice in proposed changes to legal aid.
07 March 2012
Full text of the letter we and five other major children’s charities have issued to voice concerns about proposed changes to legal aid.
01 March 2012
Statement from The Children's Society in response to government's concession for legal aid affecting children.
young man looking down
24 February 2012
'I don't feel human' reveals alarming levels of destitution among refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children and young people.
14 February 2012
The Children’s Society is delighted to announce the appointment of Matthew Reed as its new Chief Executive
Joe Walters
08 February 2012
Well done to seven-year-old Joe Walters, who did a sponsored horse-ride to raise money for The Children's Society.